Carol’s Money Talks Irish Examiner Article: advise on a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors. Who are they? What do they do? How do I find the right one?

Question: I have decided that it is finally time to level up my finances and wish to engage with a good financial advisor. 

Firstly, how do I go about finding one, and what factors do I need to consider before deciding that they are the right person to help me get my finances on track?



There are many ways to find an advisor, through a personal recommendation from somebody you know or by using the “Find a Broker” search option on one of the main Broker websites such as or Both websites allow you to access the contact details of brokers in your own area.

Firstly, I would recommend contacting a couple of different financial advisors and ask to make an appointment for an initial phone call to discuss your personal financial requirements and to also allow you to ask those all-important questions such as follows:

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