Carol’s Money Talks Irish Examiner Article: How do I make my December pay packet last all month?

Question: While I always appreciate an early pay packet in December, I find it so challenging to make that income stretch all the way to January’s payday and must always either dip into my long-term savings or get into debt. Can you offer any advice?            


Too many people use their full pay to cover a fun-packed festive season and opt to “worry about it later” and then find themselves, like you, dipping into their savings or ending up in debt to kick start the New Year which is far from ideal.

If we firstly rewind a little here, and I am sure you are muttering to yourself “Oh isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing”, but the very best time to consider the financial toll that Christmas might have on your finances is back in June when you had at least six months to budget properly for the festive season. That is the time to sit down and map out how best to set yourself up for a debt-free Christmas.

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