Carol’s Money Talks Irish Examiner Article: How to financially plan when you’re in your thirties

Our reader wants to buy a house in the next two to three years

I am 32, work full time and earn a gross annual salary of €39,000. I am single, have no dependents and live at home with my parents as I am currently saving for a mortgage. My objective is to buy my first home in the next two to three years but I am looking for advice on the other areas of financial planning including pension that somebody like me in their 30’s should be considering.

Life as a 30-something brings lots of new and interesting financial challenges such as buying your first home in your case. But this decade is also the one in which the thought of retirement and other financial issues that crop up in between become a little more real. The good news is that you are now old enough to recognise what you “should” be doing but thankfully still young enough to be able to take the time to create a long-term strategy when it comes to your hard-earned money…

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